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Pope Francis I – Relax

Is it just me, or did everyone else think this when they heard the announcement of Pope Francis I [^] this morning?

Pope Frankie Says Relax T-Shirt

Pope Frankie Says Relax T-Shirt

Organ Donation

I’ve posted before about the work of the Shirt.Woot people (UpgraDead and Rampaging Rabbit T-Shirt).


Give Till It Hurts[^] is the first serious t-shirt there that I have seen, and one of the best. As the blog post says “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

Organ Donation is something important that everyone needs to talk about. It has the potential to be literally life altering or even life saving, as a friend is just discovering. Most people wouldn’t say no if they or a loved one needed a replacement organ, but would they be willing to donate? I hope that the answer is an emphatic “YES!”

It probably isn’t the sort of thing that you would want to wear after you have seen The Meaning of Life though.


After receiving my "Death Has Keen Eyesight" T-shirt the other day, I was severely tempted by this latest offering from shirt.woot [^].


One t-shirt combining tech-humour and zombies – what more can anyone ask for?  There is no mention of how many Vista upgraders were used in the production of this work.

Rampaging Rabbit T-Shirt

I just knew that I had to have this T-shirt as soon as I saw it; even though it’s yellow!

death has keen eyesight

A brief panic ensued when I realised that it was yesterday’s shirt, and the good people at [^] release a new design every day.  I thought that I had missed out, but luckily there were left-overs.  This t-shirt is titled "Death has Keen Eyesight [^]" and has more than a little of the "Were-Rabbit [^]" about it.

Now I just have a four or five weeks to wait until it’s delivered.