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Chadsworth in Auckland

There has been a long-standing tradition that whenever I travel
Chadsworth travels as well. Usually there is a requirement that
photographic evidence is provided that the little guy hasn’t been left in
the hotel room for the entire stay. So here he is – enjoying the view
ftom the apartment window, rather than sitting in my bag the whole time.

There is also a photo somewhere of him on the boot of a hire car
at the top of Mt Victoria with the habour in the background. If I find
it I will scan it and put it up here and we can start a Chadsworth

More Skytower

I escaped into the daylight again – although only just. 
Daylight Skytower.JPG
I caught the same scene as yesterdays view of the Auckland Skytower, only this time in daylight.

The Auckland Skytower

It seems that almost everywhere you go in Auckland that The Skytower is looming over you.  Having said that it is next to impossible to get the entire thing in to the one photograph.  Bearing that in mind an extreme building requires extreme photography – so I got up close.  This is the result:
Skytower at Night.JPG
The rest of the photos that I took last night didn’t turn out too well – more experimentation with the camera required I think.  It’s either that or I need to read the instruction manual properly.  Now where would be the fun in that!


Brisbane One Day Auckland The Next

Life as an international jet-setter is tough!  So much for Brisbane – we are now in Auckland, New Zealand.  Two hours in front of Australia, time wise; I won’t say anything about how many years behind.
This is the view from the apartment window that I have at the moment..
Apart View 1.JPG   Apart View 2.JPG
The view from the office window is much more down-to-earth I can assure you.