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December, 2008:

For Sale: Space Shuttle

NASA have started to explore the possibility of selling the Space Shuttles [^] once they reach the end of their useful life, sometime in 2010.  The expected asking price, a mere $42m US.  The only condition is that they must go to an American (US) educational institution, government agency or a state or municipality. 

Atlantis landing after STS-30 mission

NASA has three shuttles remaining in it’s fleet: Atlantis, Discovery, and Endeavour.  One of these is likely to end-up in the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.  This leaves only two 78-foot wingspan shuttles available to other groups. 

For those organisations that miss-out there is an alternative; decommissioned shuttle engines are being offered at between $400,000 and $800,000, plus postage and packing.  I have a feeling that the p&p is going to be a little bit more than the cost of a first-class stamp!

Image: Public Domain NASA generated.

Via: Scientific American [^]

Wikipedia has more information on the Shuttle [^].

Twisted Toys: Knitting Psychos

Here at BrizBunny we have been working on bring as many bizarre / twisted toys [^] to the wider world as we can.  We are now able to present a selection of these works from the’s Crap Factory entitled “Knitting Psychos” [^]:

scissor stab


Unfortunately these toys, and other gruesome toys [^] like these,  are not available for sale.  These toys must be more in-tune with what young minds call for, rather than the anodyne and saccharine Elmos and My Little Ponies that are standard fare these days.

Now all I have to do is work out how to get Mum to knock-up a couple of these, especially the rabbit impaled on a carrot – the perfect reply to the Death Has Keen Eyesight t-shirt [^].

Speeding British Muppet

Seeing as we have been following a bit of a Jim Henson theme recently (Mahna Mahna and Phenomenon, and Sesame Street – Country Road Credit Sequence) this seemed heaven-sent.

German Police are  seeking a repeat-offender speeding Muppet motorist.  Apparently it is not enough that the Police have a clear picture of the speeding vehicle, they need to be able to identify the driver as well.  A German police source said: “The number plate is not enough. We need clear evidence of who is driving the vehicle too.”

Speeding Muppet -

It is hard enough for the German’s to get a photo of a driver of a right-hand drive British car.  When a Muppet is put up against the windscreen were a driver would normally be in a German left-hand drive car it becomes next to impossible.

Apparently the German Police are unsure as to the identity of the “puppet”, Animal the manic drummer for The Electric Mayhem [^] on The Muppets.  Animal is not the only speeding Muppet driver of this vehicle, Grover and Ernie have also been seen.

Via: Nothing To Do With Arbroath [^], The Daily Star [^].

REMINDER: Speeding Kills (Pictures of You – Anti-Speeding Campaign).  CannibalRabbit does not condone speeding,

Yarck Follow-up

A quick follow-up to the Where the Farck is Yarck post of about a year ago.  Nothing much seems to have changed, the Yarck Hotel still serves a reasonable meal, and I managed to get some more photos of the Yarck Motor Garage.

Yarck Servo

Yarck Servo 2

Melon Brains

A bit late for Halloween, but on Instructables there is a howto for making a brain from a watermelon [^].  As  says the author, scoochmaroo, says "Even vegetarian zombies crave these brains!"

melon brains

The results are quite eye-catchingly gruesome; this almost makes watermelon look exciting.