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December, 2007:

Just Bumming Around . . .

It’s Christmas time, and I am enjoying a break.  After a mad dash of activity at work I managed to finish-up on Wednesday night, and don’t go back until 2nd January.  Melbourne is experiencing an unseasonable, but much needed sustained wet spell, so gardening is off.  This means that I have managed to bum around the web a bit.

Part of that has meant that I have signed-up on Facebook – the first thing that I did after finding a few friends is add the flogblog application to link back to this blog.  Now all that I have to do is work out how to do the same thing for MySpace.  Now I’ve really got to agree with CopyBlogger [^] :

“…there’s really no appeal in spending a lot of time creating “user-generated” content via a social networking application. That’s like remodeling the kitchen in a house you rent.”

Besides my employer has FaceBook and MySpace well and truly blocked by their firewall, but they haven’t blocked this site yet.  So don’t expect to see to much there, here I have the complete freedom to do what I want, how I want – and I have all of the underlying data, and control over the way it is delivered.

I have finally found out how the transport companies make all their money – it involves bumper stickers and premium phone numbers [^].

Up Again

On Wednesday 5th December, I managed to get another hot air balloon flight over the city.  It was a beautiful, still and reasonably clear morning.  Nowhere near as nice as out wedding day, especially as Mrs CannibalRabbit wasn’t there.  We took off from Fawkner Park and came across the south-east corner of the city from Crown Casino to Spencer Street / Southern Cross Station, landing in Fairbairn Park on the banks of the Maribynong River.

Balgownie Estate Balloon - 75 Yarra River - 75 

There are more photos over on the Gallery – so feel free to head on over there.