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May, 2006:

More Photos

Another batch of Hot Air Balloon photo’s from our flight over Melbourne Hot Air Balloons over Victoria Str, Melbourne.

Balloons - Alexandra Pde.JPG

Balloon reflection in a golf course water hazard.

Balloon Reflection.JPG

More photos in a previous entry

The Footings are Poured

We had a very pleasant surprise – on our way back form the farm on Sunday (21/5/06) we stopped off at the block. We were expecting to find the house site pegged out – ready for excavation to begin. But no, the builder had got a bit in front of us – all of the earthworks had been completed and the footings had been poured.
In the first photo in the two corners you can see all that remains of the garden – a pile of agapanthus on the right and the dead trees on the left. Things are really starting to happen now.

Footings Back.JPG

Footings Front.JPG

Up at Last

After a year of trying we finally made it up in a Hot Air Balloon on Saturday (13/5/06).

It was fantastic. Up in the sky – without really feeling it. Coasting along on the wind. Take-off was from Melbourne Docklands just on dawn. A hour and a half later we were well and truly over the city and landing in the suburbs. Apparently earlier in the week they had taken off from the same place and in the same time had only made it as far as Collingwood, about one-third of the distance we managed.

Helping to set-up and pack-up was all part of the fun, and it really made you feel that you had earned the hearty breakfast afterwards.

Thank-you Susan and thank-you Global Ballooning

Docklands.JPG Melbourne City.JPG

More Pic’s – Animals in their Habitats

This will give some idea about the amount of work that went into preparing these magnificent scupltures.
The overall theme was animals in their environment or habitat; with Australia, Africa, North and South America, The Orient, and the Creatures of the Deep being represented.
Africa.JPG Bush Pub.JPG

Creatures of the Deep.JPG North America.JPG

South America.JPG The Orient.JPG

Some animal protraits will follow.