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Suitable Material

Have you ever wondered what goes on in tailoring a suit? Well London blogger Peter Watts found out what happens behind the seams in London’s suit making centre, Saville Row for the British Midland in-flight magazine.


Surprisingly it is a human-powered production line, with different people specialising in making pockets, waistcoats or trousers. And these specialists come from all ages and backgrounds, with new apprentices still being taken on. All of them working together to take 2D fabric and transforming it into a 3D masterpiece.

But specialisation, hand stitching and three fitting don’t come cheap. Apparently prices start at £3,000. I think that I’m going to have to do a bit more saving to do before I get a bespoke suit – oh and the airfare on top of that.

Tower Bridge Construction

It is amazing what some people will throw away. The Exploring Westminster blog has a series of posts that show photos taken while Tower Bridge was being built [^]. Apparently these photos were found in a skip outside the office of the original builders of the bridge.

tower bridge 01

The second set show a slightly later phase of construction [^], with the bridge looking a little more familiar. The final six still haven’t been posted but I’m waiting for them with bated breath.

I guess that really proves the point that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The very fact that anyone would even consider throwing these photos away is almost beyond belief; they are a valuable part of an icon’s history.

Thank you Peter Berthoud from bringing these photos to the wide internet, and thank you to his neighbour for rescuing these gems from destruction.

Misery Bear

This poor little bear has been sent out on to the streets of London all in the name of comedy. To add to the adventure the soundtrack is Brick by Ben Folds Five [^] – “I’ve never felt so alone … ”. Call be sick for enjoying comedy coming out of misery, but it works!

via: Londonist [^]

Giant Rabbit in London

How cool are these giant rabbit sculptures in London which showed up as the Photo of the Day [^] on Londonist. The sculpture is Spitalfield Spirit [^] by Paul Cox, and is supposed to represent the large, close knit communities of the East End. They have just gone on to my “UK Must-Do” list, so let’s hope they hang around.

London Giant Rabbits

Tube Tours

There is something about London’s Underground system, The Tube, that appeals to me. It seems more secretive than “normal” railways, sneaking around out of sight most of the time.

mind the gap

The news that there is now a London Underground and Tube Tour [^] gives me something to add to the must-do list for the next trip to UK. Now, how do I convince Mrs CannibalRabbit that she wants to spend 2 hours underground after spending a day flying half-way around the world?