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Have you ever wondered what goes on in tailoring a suit? Well London blogger Peter Watts found out what happens behind the seams in London’s suit making centre, Saville Row for the British Midland in-flight magazine.


Surprisingly it is a human-powered production line, with different people specialising in making pockets, waistcoats or trousers. And these specialists come from all ages and backgrounds, with new apprentices still being taken on. All of them working together to take 2D fabric and transforming it into a 3D masterpiece.

But specialisation, hand stitching and three fitting don’t come cheap. Apparently prices start at £3,000. I think that I’m going to have to do a bit more saving to do before I get a bespoke suit – oh and the airfare on top of that.


Sorry about the language, but I love this spring picture of a little girl romping through the tulips [^]:


The picture originally started off as a spring feature [^] in the Boston Globe, without the extra caption! That little bit, especially the “right in the face” just gives it an extra boost.

Giant Rabbit in London

How cool are these giant rabbit sculptures in London which showed up as the Photo of the Day [^] on Londonist. The sculpture is Spitalfield Spirit [^] by Paul Cox, and is supposed to represent the large, close knit communities of the East End. They have just gone on to my “UK Must-Do” list, so let’s hope they hang around.

London Giant Rabbits

Tube Tours

There is something about London’s Underground system, The Tube, that appeals to me. It seems more secretive than “normal” railways, sneaking around out of sight most of the time.

mind the gap

The news that there is now a London Underground and Tube Tour [^] gives me something to add to the must-do list for the next trip to UK. Now, how do I convince Mrs CannibalRabbit that she wants to spend 2 hours underground after spending a day flying half-way around the world?

Unusual London Spots

The “Tired of London, Tired of Life [^]” Blog is all about the variety that can be found in London.  The title of the blog comes from Dr Samuel Johnson’s [^] “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life…for there is in London all that life can afford.”

Open Tower Bridge

Any blog that can veer between the magnificent glass and ironwork of Paddington Station [^] to a knitting shop [^] in a few days does a good job of illustrating Dr Johnsons view. Sure not every place is going to be your cup of tea, but you may just find something interesting that you wouldn’t have known about or considered.

This one is going into my feedreader so that I can keep an eye open for new places to visit on our next trip to the UK.