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March, 2006:


Alpacas were first imported into Australia in 1989, and by 2001 there were 40,000 in the country – and that number is rapidly increasing. This alpaca is being used as a sheep minder having bonded with the flock of sheep, we hope. Apparently alpaca’s are unafraid of foxes and wild dogs and scare them away from their adopted herd by chasing and stomping the intruders.
alpaca1.JPG alpaca2.JPG

These guys are all part of the Pinjarra Alpaca Stud, and prove just how nosy – sorry inquisitive alpaca’s can be.

More information can be found on the Australian Alpaca Association’s Website

Wellington Fern Ball

While we were in the New Zealand capital – Wellington – we managed to
capture some blue sky. A welcome relief after some rather wet weather, we
soon found out why they call it “Windy Wellington” though! At the Civic
Centre they there is a Fern Sculpture that hangs about 30 feet up in the
air – suspended between the surrounding buildings.
Fern Ball.jpg

The picture on the Wellington Map website really gives you a fairly good idea of what Wellington looks like from the air – looking across the habour to Mt Victoria.

Nudie at Mildura 2004

The sponsor for the World Hot Air Ballooning Championships 2004 was Nudie
– the All Natural fruit juice company. And they got into the spirit of
thing with this Hot Air Balloon:
Nudie Balloon 2.jpg

Seen here heading off into the sunset on 1st July 2004.
You can find out more about the Balloon on the
Nudie website, and see how big this Balloon is in Nudies

World Hot Air Ballooning Championships 2004

Mildura in the North West corner of Victoria is considered perfect for Hot
Air Ballooning. So much so that they hosted the World Hot Air Ballooning
Championships in June and July 2004, as well as their annual Balloon

Mildura 2004.jpg Mildura 2004 2.jpg


Pets or wild animals? You can choose. They both obviously need to be caged.
Chloe the Corgi. The really unusual thing is there is more than one Chloe Harris at our local vet. Now call me old-fashioned but who calls their dog Chloe? Well most of the time not even us: Corgel, Potamus and one or two other things.
Caged Chloe.jpg

Next up we have Susan’s Riding Horse – Jyndy. The other horse is well over forty and has been retired from active duty. Although I’m assured that she is a nice quiet horse I’m not convinced – anything this big has got to be dangerous!