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November, 2005:

Piha and Lion Rock

I managed to escape Auckland on the weekend; and ended up at Piha, one the West Coast beaches. In between the showers I got sunburnt – not quite lobster shade, but a nice shade of pink!  
Lion Rock, Piha 3.JPG
Piha is New Zealand’s top surfing Beach and only 40 Kms out of Auckland.  All of the published pictures that you see are of long white breakers and Lion Rock.  Lion Rock is a 100m high outcrop that splits North and South Piha.  You can take a climb up to about two-thirds of the way up, the rest of the path to the summit was closed due to erosion.  But even from here the view is good:

North Piha from Lion Rock.JPG

Lion Rock, Piha 2.JPG Piha Lagoon.JPG

There are some good photos on the Foto New Zealand website


On Saturday 16th July, 2005 I finally made Susan a very happy woman, and proposed to her.

Engagement Cake.JPG
I think that happy was probably an understatement.  The engagement party was held on Saturday 5th November – and we had a fantastic time and hope that everyone else did as well.

More Skytower

I escaped into the daylight again – although only just. 
Daylight Skytower.JPG
I caught the same scene as yesterdays view of the Auckland Skytower, only this time in daylight.

The Auckland Skytower

It seems that almost everywhere you go in Auckland that The Skytower is looming over you.  Having said that it is next to impossible to get the entire thing in to the one photograph.  Bearing that in mind an extreme building requires extreme photography – so I got up close.  This is the result:
Skytower at Night.JPG
The rest of the photos that I took last night didn’t turn out too well – more experimentation with the camera required I think.  It’s either that or I need to read the instruction manual properly.  Now where would be the fun in that!


More on the Museum

Yes they do actually let me out in daylight, even if it does disappear rapidly once I escape.

Auckland War Memorial Museum 2.JPG

I think this is a reasonably good outside view of the Auckland War Memorial Museum; and I’ve managed to get the crane hidden behind the building. 
It’s hard to get a full-frontal shot as the war memorial itself (on the far left-hand side) tends to get in the way.