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Back-Up A Nintendo DS Lite

Now that Mrs CannibalRabbit is a gamer, complete with a Nintendo DS Lite I have another device that I have to back-up. Luckily Lifehacker has just published a guide to backing-up game cartridges [^](cart).

Nintendo DS Lite

We have already got an R4 card now i just have to go and compromise the security of our wireless network! DS Lites only work with WEP encrypted networks [^], and they are easily hacked.

Springfield Who

Dean at Springfield Punx [^], a blog dedicated to turning characters into their Simpsons alter egos, has created a weeks worth of post with a Dr Who [^] theme. There are the Weeping Angels, Ironside Daleks and the new 1980’s kitchen appliance Daleks, and Rory, as well as the Doctor and his companion Amy Pond.

What are you waiting for, go and check it out.

 Matt Smith - Doctor Who Karen Gillan - Amy Pond

Email Addresses

Nick Cernis at Modern Nerd has just written a post about the email addresses [^] that hit his inbox:

“…whenever someone new emails me, I take a few seconds to examine their email address, consider their thought process, and judge them as a human being.”

Hopefully I don’t fall into the “” category. But I do the same thing, I don’t think that I’m quite as bad as Nick though!

modernnerd email

There is one thing that does get to me; that’s when you see a business card or professionally sign-written van with their own website followed by That just screams out we have done half the job really well and completely forgotten the small detail.

If you are using anything other than you name or your business name in your email address you are missing the opportunity to make a good first impression.

Oil Spill Comes Home

Gulf Oil Spill - Melbourne

For some people it can be hard to visualise, or understand the spread of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. IfItWasMyHome helps to fix that, it shows current limits of the spill centered on a Google Map [^] anywhere in the world.

Seeing that the spill has spread from Hamilton to Wangaratta certainly came as a shock to me! Moving the spill to Swindon, Wilts, England sees the spill take in the Welsh coast by Milford Haven, the Portsmouth on the English South coast, most of Greater London, and big slice of the Norfolk coast. Anyway that you look at it that’s one big mess to clean-up, and it’s only getting bigger!

via: Londonist [^]

An iPhone Killer

Are you sick and tired of devices that over-promise and under-deliver. Their reviews proclaiming the next “killer” peripheral?

Well for once Wired have reviewed a gadget that does exactly what it says on the label – an iPhone killer [^]. And to make it even better, if thats possible, it is an open-source design as well. That means that anyone can take the plans and build there own, or even redesign it to better suit their purpose. Meet the iPhoneKiller – a 1.6kg piece of steel mounted on an axe handle!


Kadushin iPhoneKiller

Kadushin iPhoneKiller


Another bonus is that the iPhoneKiller is fully compatible all existing models, with newer models, such as the just released iPad, and no doubt with all sorts of iGadgets not yet released. I have a feeling that the iPhoneKiller will be brand-agnostic and is likely work on all sorts of non-Apple technology.

The design is available [^] at the creators website, and for all you Apple-lovers no iPhones were harmed in the design of the iPhoneKiller.