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Hot Air Balloons Over Kilsyth

The other morning I had a surprise – a pair of hot air balloons almost directly over our house! 

 Kilsyth Hot Air Balloon 2Kilsyth Hot Air Balloon 3

It definitely had the Chloe the Corgi wondering what was going on.  She came around to get her breakfast bone-shaped biscuit, saw the balloon and headed back up to the garage door, without the biscuit.  I hadn’t realised up until than that there was a balloon, let alone two almost above me, then the burner went.

Of course I just stood there admiring the view for a few minutes.  By the time that I had come to my senses and got the camera the balloons had moved over the back fence and they were well on their way to Mooroolbark.  In the meantime Chloe had darted in through the fly-wire door that I had left ajar, and was not happy at getting put back outside.

Summer Wanders #4: Laughing Kookaburra

While we weren’t entirely wandering,  this photo is taken on the shade-sail at Mum and Dad’s house, it was quite a way from home.


Apparently this kookaburra has taken to visiting on the off-chance that a goldfish in the pond below may be on the menu.  A small compensation is that it is happy to hang around and have it’s photo taken.  For those of you interested in goldfish safety – there is a net covering most of the water, and the fish have worked out that the surface isn’t a safe place to be.

Kookaburras are the largest members of the kingfisher family, they eat other birds, insects, small mammals, small snakes and lizards.  The snake eating part definitely makes them useful to have around.  Apparently their name is onomatopoeic, that is it imitates the sound that it is describing (like meow), so the name represents the sound of their call.  Once a kookaburra has caught large prey they either hold it in their beak and bash it senseless on an appropriate hard object, or drop it from a height.

The Australian Museum Online [^] and Wikipedia [^] have some more information about Kookaburras if you are looking for some.

Summer Wanders #1: Flinders Snorkeller

It’s taken a little while for me to decide how to present the coming short series of  photos – but here we go.  We had a wander down onto the Mornington Peninsula between Christmas and New Year.  This is one of a pair of snorkellers next to the pier at Flinders – how much more summery could you get?

Flinders Scuba

Where the Farck is Yarck?

The other day we ended up at the Yarch Hotel for tea – not a bad meal.  Mrs CannibalRabbit had to go to the Yarck Adult Riding Club AGM there.  Yarck is one of those places that seems to have nothing about it on the internet, it’s one of those places that most people pass through without even thinking about it.  Yarck is on the road to the snow at Mt Buller, and Lake Eildon (Bonnie Doon).  For us it’s on the way to the farm up at Strathbogie.  It was nice to be able to get some photo’s on our brief stay, rather than just breezing through.
YarckYarck Motor GarageYarck Landscape (Click to Enlarge)

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