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Yarck Follow-up

A quick follow-up to the Where the Farck is Yarck post of about a year ago.  Nothing much seems to have changed, the Yarck Hotel still serves a reasonable meal, and I managed to get some more photos of the Yarck Motor Garage.

Yarck Servo

Yarck Servo 2

Where the Farck is Yarck?

The other day we ended up at the Yarch Hotel for tea – not a bad meal.  Mrs CannibalRabbit had to go to the Yarck Adult Riding Club AGM there.  Yarck is one of those places that seems to have nothing about it on the internet, it’s one of those places that most people pass through without even thinking about it.  Yarck is on the road to the snow at Mt Buller, and Lake Eildon (Bonnie Doon).  For us it’s on the way to the farm up at Strathbogie.  It was nice to be able to get some photo’s on our brief stay, rather than just breezing through.
YarckYarck Motor GarageYarck Landscape (Click to Enlarge)

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