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Monty the Corgi

The CannibalRabbits have just got a new pet, Monty the Tricolour Corgi dog. A little bundle of energy one minute, and asleep the next. At twelve weeks old he looks huge, has massive paws and it very adventurous.

After we lost Chloe earlier on in April we wanted as big a change as we could get and still have a corgi. Being mostly black, coming with a tail and being a boy he is going to be quite a bit different. Welcome home, Monty.

Monty 14-Aug-2010

Monty 14-Aug-2010 2


Pets or wild animals? You can choose. They both obviously need to be caged.
Chloe the Corgi. The really unusual thing is there is more than one Chloe Harris at our local vet. Now call me old-fashioned but who calls their dog Chloe? Well most of the time not even us: Corgel, Potamus and one or two other things.
Caged Chloe.jpg

Next up we have Susan’s Riding Horse – Jyndy. The other horse is well over forty and has been retired from active duty. Although I’m assured that she is a nice quiet horse I’m not convinced – anything this big has got to be dangerous!