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Twisted Toys

Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears feature here occasionally. And one thing that we have learnt is that they are not as sweet and innocent as they want us to believe. Now we have evidence, a real teddy bear skull!

Teddy Bear Skull

And you thought that head was full of stuffing – do not be fooled. If you want to go on a picnic then Stephanie Metz’s Teddy Bear Natural History series is something that you need to see!

Fractal Teddy Bear

Meet Mandlebrot the Fractal Bear [^], designed by Mouse Reeve at Buttons for Mouse. I want one.

mandelbrot teddy bear

Fractals [^] are amazing things that appear the similar at any level of magnification, just like Mandlebrot’s hands.

Teddy Bear Coat

There is no denying that we like to see terrible things done to toys and teddy bears. My sister, Girgoyle, has a coat that she likes to say is made out of teddy bear insides. Well this work by artist Sebastian Errazuriz [^] takes that one step further, a coat made out of teddy bear outsides – teddy leather if you will.

Sebastian Errazuriz Teddy Bear Coat

Sebastian Errazuriz Teddy Bear Coat

There are other treasures hidden away [^] on this horribly flash-driven site that you can’t link to, such as a belt made of belt buckles, a Tom Baker Dr Who inspired tie, and a lego man bike helmet.

Via: BoingBoing [^]

Dr Who Figurines

I have just found out about these stylised Dr Who figurines [^], standing at 2” tall.

doctor who figurines

The pieces come in various sets and include The Doctor, various Daleks and Davros, a Sontaran, a Cyberman, and Other Dave (a Vashta Nerada astronaut).

Twisted Toys: Knitting Psychos

Here at BrizBunny we have been working on bring as many bizarre / twisted toys [^] to the wider world as we can.  We are now able to present a selection of these works from the’s Crap Factory entitled “Knitting Psychos” [^]:

scissor stab


Unfortunately these toys, and other gruesome toys [^] like these,  are not available for sale.  These toys must be more in-tune with what young minds call for, rather than the anodyne and saccharine Elmos and My Little Ponies that are standard fare these days.

Now all I have to do is work out how to get Mum to knock-up a couple of these, especially the rabbit impaled on a carrot – the perfect reply to the Death Has Keen Eyesight t-shirt [^].