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April, 2006:

More Engagement Photos

They are coming slowly.
The combined parents photo
And Matthew completely forgets what he is supposed to say and Susan takes
over – thank god!

Group of Four

I guess one of the really good things about being at a Balloon Fiesta is that there are lots of balloons around. So you get a chance at a getting groups of ballons together in the air and on the ground. The second photo gives you some idea of the size of the some of the larger balloons with “AAPT” towering over the LandCruiser.

Four In One ii Mildura 2004.JPG Four In One Mildura 2004.JPG

Perry Sand Hills

This is one of my favourite photos. It was taken at the Perry Sand Hills – just outside of Mildura (NW Victoria). The Perry Sand Hills are actually just over the border in NSW. I think that getting this photo was a case of being in the right place at the right time. The sand hills are a stark contrast to the surrounding area, russet-red sand hills where everywhere else around is flat white sand.

I actually use the full-sized version of this as my desktop on the laptop at home.
Perry Sand Hills.JPG

Here are a few other sites with good photo’s of the Sandhills:
Wentworth Shire Council


Thanks to a request from Carol and Henry there will be more Engagement Party photos coming shortly.
In the mean time enjoy what you’ve got so far.
MattnSusan - Engagement.JPG


Maybe not exactly a sunset, it is still sky related – and it obviously wasn’t to far away from sun-down.
Saturday was a bitterly cold day, the wind just seemed to go straight through you, especially here on top of the hill. To top it all off we had short, sharp rain showers that kept on coming through – now that’s good if you need the rain, but not so good if you have things to do outside. But a sight like this seems to make it worthwhile.
Cloud 2.JPG

It was a big contrast to just the week before when I took that photo’s of the Alpacas, and it was roasting – somewhere over the 30°C mark – still it is autumn.