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April 21st, 2006:

The View from the Hard Gate

This is just next to where I took the photo’s of the Alpacas, looking the other way from the gate.
View from the Hard Gate.JPG
You can make out Mt Wombat on the right in line with the boundary fence, and Galls Gap Rd running through the middle of the photo as a vague straight line. The Walker’s new house is just visible about of a third of the way in on the right hand side.

More Wellington

The Kiwi’s seem absolutely mad for their national emblems. You find Kiwis, Fern leaves, and Tree Ferns everywhere.
Wellington Fern2.JPG
This is again in the Civic Centre in Wellington. In the mid left you can see the Fern Ball suspended – seemingly in thin air.

More Engagement Photos

They are coming slowly.
The combined parents photo
And Matthew completely forgets what he is supposed to say and Susan takes
over – thank god!