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April 4th, 2006:


Maybe not exactly a sunset, it is still sky related – and it obviously wasn’t to far away from sun-down.
Saturday was a bitterly cold day, the wind just seemed to go straight through you, especially here on top of the hill. To top it all off we had short, sharp rain showers that kept on coming through – now that’s good if you need the rain, but not so good if you have things to do outside. But a sight like this seems to make it worthwhile.
Cloud 2.JPG

It was a big contrast to just the week before when I took that photo’s of the Alpacas, and it was roasting – somewhere over the 30°C mark – still it is autumn.

Almost Final Siting

The almost final site plan. We are now waiting for the Building Permit to come through – hopefully that is only about a week away! It looks like we will end up with a reasonable sized back garden – about 10metres (33′) to the back fence at the closest point. I have a feeling that landscape gardening is going to get added on to my list of “Hobbies”!
site plan.JPG

Off to look at bricks and roof tiles on the weekend. And then there are the aluminium windows and colourbond garage door to consider as well. On top of all that there will be the decisions that have to be made about the colours inside.