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Growing New Car Stock

Car makers worldwide have struggle to rein-in production as demand for cars has plummeted.  The Guardian has created a gallery of the growing stockpile of new cars [^] around the world:

Japan Honda - Photograph: Andy Rain/EPA

Japan Honda - Photograph: Andy Rain/EPA

Cars Crowding the Valencia Docks - Photograph: Mike Hewitt/Getty

Cars Crowding the Valencia Docks - Photograph: Mike Hewitt/Getty

The patterns revealed in the photographs are amazing; they manage to make the mundane artistic. But at the same time it’s scary to think of all those cars just sitting there unwanted.

Yarck Follow-up

A quick follow-up to the Where the Farck is Yarck post of about a year ago.  Nothing much seems to have changed, the Yarck Hotel still serves a reasonable meal, and I managed to get some more photos of the Yarck Motor Garage.

Yarck Servo

Yarck Servo 2

Tesselaar Tulip Festival 2008

No sooner had I spoken about our trip to the Tulip Festival at Tesselaar’s last year, and Mrs CannibalRabbit is back there again.  Mrs CannibalRabbit took some wonderful photos of the outing – here are a few of the best.  There are beautiful spring colours everwhere, just what we need to lift us out of the winter doldrums. 

burgundy and white tulip

burgundy and white tulip

tulip field 2008
tulip field 2008

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Tulip Festival

Spring has sprung, Melbourne is sunny and warm.  Hopefully this means that the worst of the cold weather is over for another year, but we could still do with lots more rain.

Red Tulip

We know that Spring is here because Tesselaar Tulip Festival [^] has started, and runs from 11th September through until 8th October 2008.  The festival is a celebration of tulips and their fabulous variety colours. 

The Dandenongs have long been a stronghold for Melbourne’s Dutch community, and the festival gives the family and employees a chance to showcase Dutch culture.  Everyone working at the festival is turned out in traditional Dutch costume and clogs, and there are stalls selling poffertjes [^], and tulip bulbs and cut flowers.

Last year Mrs CannibalRabbit and I spent a few hours walking around the tulip fields and taking photo’s.  It’s probably not something that you would want to do every year – unless you are a Tulip fanatic – but it is definitely an interesting couple hours.


Harbour Removal

Farm Bonfire On a trip to the farm recently we had a full on day of harbour removal.  I know that that sounds like some large-scale sea-scaping, not something that you would readily associate with an inland area like Strathbogie! 

Harbour removal is clearing of rough or overgrown areas in paddocks that can be used as safe havens for undesirable creatures, such as rabbits and foxes.  Some of this involved the removal of rough rocky outcrops, which are useful for erosion control, and the collection of fallen timber.  We collected as much of the wood we could for fire wood, the rest which was heavily burnt or rotten was collected together and burnt.  It nice to see some reward for a hard days work, and there aren’t many better rewards that a nice big bonfire.

Before anyone complains this isn’t a case of wanton destruction of native trees and habitats.  Many areas of the farm that are unsuitable for grazing, being too rough and inaccessible by humans, have been fenced-off and and returned to natural bush or replanted with native trees.  All in all a net gain for Australian flora and fauna.  In the replanted areas there has a been a noticeable increase in the number of birds, and no doubt other wildlife as well.