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August, 2006:

Logitech Unveils Motorized Mouse

Whatever are they going to dream-up next?   I guess the next step is going to be the telepathic computer – but then my mind is going to have to turn-up at work along with my body!

Logitech Unveils Motorized Mouse – Channel Web. Logitech on Thursday introduced a motorized computer mouse for people who scroll through lengthy documents and spreadsheets.

This device can take you from one end of a worksheet in Excel to the other in 7 seconds.   I guess those clever people who scroll through large spreadsheets just forgot that pressing the  scroll-wheel acts like a scroll lock button row 1 to 65,536 in the same sort of time.   Or, if that’s too slow try the control key and an arrrow key together – way faster!

Roof Battens

Yes we have roof battens – still got the wrong roof tiles. I’m happy with any progress at the moment no matter how small it is. The “real” roof tiles will be a couple of shades darker than the one should here.

front - we 20-8-06.JPG

Progress Report

brick and facia.JPG

It’s been another couple of quiet weeks on the house front, and busy weeks at work – so the updates haven’t been as frequent as they could have been. Last week (w/e 13/8/06) we found that we had the rest of the roof trusses up and the facia and guttering all the way around, and a whole garage wall. This gave us the perfect opportunity to see if the bricks and the facia went well together – especially as the garage doors are going to be the same colour.

There was one drama though, the wrong colour roof tiles had been delivered they were a mid-grey rather then the charcoal/slate colour ordered. One phone call on Monday morning and everything has been fixed – I hope. I have also included a phot of the new master bedroom – I think that the decor needs a bit of work. It might be bigger than the one we have at the moment – but I think it’s going to be a bit tricky trying to get a queen-size bed in there at the moment!  

w-e 12-8-06 master bedroom.JPG

w-e 12-8-06 front.JPG

Balloons come down in city streets

Balloon Landing In Streets

Balloon Landing in city Street.

The Herald Sun had a report today of Balloons coming down in city streets:

“A pair of hot-air balloons gave inner-Melbourne residents a surprise this morning when they made emergency landings in the city.”


Crazed Squirrel Attacks

Crazed Squirrel Attacks Mum And Son (from Swindon Advertiser)
Three-year-old Reece reacted calmly but when Martine tried to shoo the squirrel away, it turned on her and sank its teeth into her hands and arm.

Anita Pile, a veterinary nurse  . . . said: “They’re quite capable of stripping bark off trees and cracking through nuts.”

And here’s me thinking that strange things in Swindon only happen in Jasper Fforde novels!


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