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January, 2010:


Skellie has this simple productivity tip:

One thing at a time.

Most important thing first.

Start now.

(Source: [^])

Unlike most getting things done (GTD) philosophies it’s short, simple and to the point.

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Chadsworth’s Travels

It’s been a while since my last Chadsworth’s Travels photos, there are a few more on the way – promise. On our November 2009 Road Trip to Sydney and Canberra he managed to escape the car while we were at Canberra’s Black Mountain Tower [^].

Chadsworth Canberra

Do Printers Come From Hell?

Oatmeal makes a pretty convincing case that printers do come from Hell [^] with the help of comics.

hate machine

Arguing that they are as unreliable as they were 15 year ago, and the fact that you need to install lots of crappy software. This is capped-off by the cost of the ink used in the machine, saying that it can be justified if it is made from unicorn blood. I know that I haven’t had as many problems with a printer as I used to MumbleMumble years ago, but they are not cheap to run.

If you didn’t hate your printer you will soon realise some of the reasons why you dislike it so much after reading this.

New Year Lightning

As I mentioned in my New Year post things got very soggy in Melbourne in the run up to the end of 2009. We were treated to another light show the following night. I then discovered just how hard it is to photograph lightning, especially when you forget the tripod!

farm lightning

The only saving grace was that we were at the farm, and there was plenty of open space. Even so, I still had some silhouetted trees for a little foreground interest but they are better than rooftops.