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October, 2007:

Gross-Out Cakes

Lighter Side - New Window The Lighter Side [^]has this cookbook guaranteed to be a classic in no time.  Must mention recipes include “The Edible Kitty Litter Cake” and “The Booger Bundt”.  Apparently a bundt is a cake cooked in a ring-shaped tin.

This has got to be the perfect gift for the cat-lover; or maybe the booger-lover!


It’s one of those guilty secrets that I have  – I like reading about mis-heard words or phrases – mondegreens.  There is something addictive about it, a guilty pleasure.  The only mondegreen that I have experienced first-hand is in Men At Work’s “Down Under” with “He gave me a bit of my sandwich”.  Rather puzzling, why someone would give you a bit of your own sandwich – but then some would argue that Australia is a strange place.

Eventually the world has come to learn of Australia’s very own “Vegemite”, especially after the US FDA allegedly banned [^] the import of it earlier this year.  Vegemite sandwich makes a bit more sense.  But the whole thing is rather mundane in the scheme of things.

One of the internet’s mondegreen goldmines can be found here: [^] – it also tells you why they are called mondegreens.  How did they manage to collect them before the internet?

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