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May, 2011:

Monty’s First Big Win

Monty has managed to get his first big win, just after his first birthday. On Saturday at The Oak Championship Show Monty took out Best in Breed for Pembroke Corgis. All in all a good day out by the airport.

This has given both Mrs CannibalRabbit and Monty a nice confidence boost, and recognition of 6 months of hard work showing. Only another 92 points to go until he gets the Champion title.

Susan and Monty - The Oak Championship Show

VLOOKUPs Gone Wild

For the past thirteen years or so I have spent just about every hour of every working day in Excel. I guess that you could call that an occupational hazard for an accountant.

Occasionally I manage to learn a new trick. Just recently I found out that you can use wildcards in vlookup formulas [^]. Wildcards are “*” and “?”, where ? replace any one character, and * replaces any number of characters.

Vlookup Example

All of a sudden you wonder how you managed to get by without it. You do need to be careful about where you use this, but it does save some gymnastics where there are slight differences in the two values.

Ghost Urn

This is just the thing for anyone that wants to hang around and keep an eye on their nearest and dearest. Anna Marineko has designed a very stylish ghost urn [^] – perfect for a Halloween freak-out

ghost urn

Monty May 2011

With a little help from the other members of the Welsh Corgi Club of Victoria we managed to get a nicely posed photo of Monty on Saturday.

Monty May 2011

It took quite an effort to get him to stand right and to get keep his attention – thank you everyone.