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The combined & websites are a reflection of the life of the CannibalRabbit’s.  Mr & Mrs CannibalRabbit live in one of Melbourne’s leafy, Outer-Eastern suburbs.

We don’t sell anything, and we are not trying to make our fame or fortune from the internet.  Really, we are trying to share some of the day-to-day events in our lives with friends and family.

Do you want to keep on following the adventures of the CannibalRabbits?  There are two easy ways:

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Do you want to contact the CannibalRabbits?  You can leave a comment on any post, leave us a message on the GuestBook, or go to our “Contact Us” to send us an email.

The website have been in existence since January 2004, and in blog terms that is an extraordinarily long time.  We plan on being here for a long-time to come, drop-in and visit sometime.

(All blog comments are moderated, and reserves the right to edit, de-link or otherwise edit any comments as they see fit.)

(If you find photographs anywhere on the website and would like to use them please contact us through the “Contact Us” page – we will be glad to help.)

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