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April, 2009:

Banksy Works For Sale

There is an article in the Independent about a gallery in London with original works by Banksy for sale [^].

We’ve mentioned Banksy, and how much we like his work before. And the fifteen works that the Independent have on their website are well worth checking out.  This is one of them, “Heavy Weaponry”:

Banksy: Heavy Weaponry

Banksy: Heavy Weaponry

Giant Guinness Can

As far as Guinness cans go I can’t imagine that you would find too many larger than this. The only problem that I can see is finding a fridge big enough to put a slab, or even a six-pack of these in.
Guinness Trailer
Guinness Trailer

 I’m not sure that it’s real, or full. But there’s no harm dreaming, is there?

Via: A Welsh View [^]

Bunny Butchered on TV

Nothing to do with Arbroath has a story about a Bunny Bloodbath [^] on German television. Apparently chef, Sarah Wiener, in “Sarah Wiener and the kitchen children” stunned, killed and butchered a rabbit in front of her teenage assistants.


Photo Credit: flickr user peterastn [^] – CC-BY License.

The chef said in [^], “I believe that people should know what they eat. It’s exactly from not seeing what goes on in our slaughterhouses that . . . an underestimation of food products occurs”.

It seems that although some children were upset by the sight, they were willing to eat the rabbit the following day once it had been roasted. So it seems that no lasting harm was done, to the children at least. 

On a personal note, the CannibalRabbit Corgi, Chloe, loves rabbit.  This means that the whole family has to get involved in rabbit processing, from the sourcing to packaging. And we agree that it can be confronting at first. But it does make you realise that for us to eat meat another creature must die.

This is not something that should be done lightly, or inhumanely. How many more people would be vegetarian if they were more actively involved in the production meat, rather than just picking up a shrink-wrapped tray from the supermarket?

Fattening Food

Apparantly there are no limits that some people will not go to in order to kill themselves. Most of the “food” on the This is why you’re fat website [^] makes the deep-fried Mars Bar look like the diet menu choice! I think I turned morbidly obese just looking at some of these.

Chocolate coated bacon

Chocolate coated bacon

There is also a disturbing combination of sweet and savoury; like chocolate coated bacon.  Click the picture for more, if you dare and not too close to meal times.