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June, 2013:

Holding Our Hands

… she hadn’t really gone.
The dead don’t go till you do, loved ones.
The dead are still here holding our hands.
Jackie Kay “Darling

Forget Me Nots

Forget Me Not

Word For The Day: Resistentialism

Resistentialism is one of those ideas that has occasionally niggled away at the back of my mind, but I have never been able to put a word to. Resistentialismis Paul Jennings’ comedic theory that inanimate objects show malicious or spiteful behaviour towards humans; almost as if they are at war with us. Next time you “misplace” your keys you will know exactly what I mean – where can they possibly be hiding?

car keys

Thanks have to go to Mark Frauenfelder for naming this thought in his on Dinosaurs and Robots about the finger-slicing razor and his bulldog clip revenge [^].

Sixpence Cufflinks

Sometimes my creative urge gets tickled. That was definitely the case when I saw these sixpence cufflinks [^] from Thornhill Jewellery.

 sixpence cufflinks

I don’t object to the price – £30 seems quite reasonable. It’s just that all of a sudden it doesn’t look all that hard. After all you can get 100 cufflink backs for about $50, then you can put whatever you want on the front. But I may get tempted in the meantime.