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February, 2006:

Farm Sunsets

This sunset photo is taken at the Susans Parent’s Farm. The farm is in Strathbogie in North Eastern Victoria.
It seems that this is only time that I pay any attention to what the sunset looks like.
Throughout summer you get glorious burning sunsets like this and better.

Farm Sunset.JPG Victoria Croydon-Bogie.jpg

Photos of the Block

Due to an impending trip to England by Mum we were compelled to go and
take photos of the block. So here we go a back view – complete with two
And the Front view
The front of the house will be around about the far-side of the big
bush/tree, and run down to where Chloe is walking all over the garden. So
we still end up with a fair bit of garden. The sad thing is that the vast
majority of the greenery will end up being demolished in the building

The New CannibalRabbit warren is beginning

The new CannibalRabbit home is beginning to take shape. Back in March
last year I bought a block of land in Kilsyth – about a three minute drive
from our home in Croydon.

Because of the narrow point part way down the block and because of the
fall long the length of the block we have had a few false starts. The
house has been decided upon and the siting agreed; the deposit was paid on
Sunday and now we wait for the first set of drawing to come back.
house plan.JPG

I have to go and take some photo’s of the block on Sunday so hopefully
they will make it up here in due course.