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Kangaroo Island Tourism Ad

The new Kangaroo Island television ad has a very catchy tune – but what is it? Well a little on and off Googling turns up the answer – Eddie Vedder’s Rise from the Into the Wild album. Looks like something to go on to my wish list.

South Australia - Kangaroo Island TV Ad

Toilet Paper Canned

This is one of those story’s that you wouldn’t believe unless it came from a good source. The ABC, Australia’s national broadcaster, has run a story about a school that has pulled the toilet paper [^] out of the toilet blocks.

Magda Sorbent Fast Forward

The school in question is Glossop High School’s middle campus, in South Australia’s Riverland. Apparently the decision is a temporary response to a spate of vandalism. “Dunny dockets” are still available on request from members of staff, but who would want to ask?.

This reminds me of the series of skits on the comedy show Fast Forward (click on photo above for the skit on youtube) by Magda Szubanski that parodied a Sorbent Toilet Paper ad. The parodies were so successful that the comedienne ended-up starring in her own TV ad for Sorbent [^].

Husband Creche

I have just found this post by Arbroath [^] – a sign for a “Husband Crèche”.  Can there be a wife, or a husband, that wouldn’t want one of these?  Somewhere safe to leave your nearest and dearest when you’ve got to get thing done.

Husband Creche - by Nothing to do With Arbroath

Husband Creche - by Nothing to do With Arbroath

Sunday Rose v Sunday Roast

When news came out that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s child was to be called “Sunday Rose” CannibalRabbit’s ears pricked up.

Way back in 1990 there were a series of ads that ran on TV for Lamb.  In one of them a pretty girl wins a radio competition for a dinner with Tom Cruise that night.   The young girl is surrounded by her cheering friends and family, but she replies that she can’t go because she is having a lamb roast tonight. 

Now in the back of CannibalRabbit’s mind was the idea that the young lady was Nicole Kidman.  Wrong, however we have discovered that it was in fact Nicole’s friend, Naomi Watts.  There was a later ad that ran with a guy turning down a date with Nicole, but I can’t find that one anywhere.  So much for the “from Sunday Roast to Sunday Rose” post that I thought of!  But here’s the Naomi Watts anyway.

Ah well, that gives me a chance to run a quick post about the Sam Kekovich Lamb ad from last year.  This is good Aussie fun!  And it is amazing to see how far advertising for the same product has come in the past 17 years.

Cruel Hoax or Security Risk?

If you thought that marketing and advertising couldn’t possibly get any more intrusive, then think again!  I found this on  the larryfire [^] website.

US pizza company Papa Johns has come up with this new “direct marketing” gimmick that is sure to annoy the living daylights out of people.  It’s a security peep-hole attachment that makes it look as though a pizza delivery person is at your door.  No doubt they will be billing this as a world-first! 

Papa Johns PeepholePapa Johns Peephole Outside

Something similar has been seen before in “The Fifth Element” [^], where a bad guy takes a photo of the empty corridor outside Korben Dallas’ (Bruce Willis) apartment and puts it over the peep-hole and rings the doorbell.  So, I guess those creative advertising types are not that creative after all!

We are sure that we will soon reporting on the first legal action against Papa Johns where this device has been used in a doorstep mugging or home invasion!