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Tilt-Shifted AEC Bus

I have mentioned tilt-shift photgraphy before with the Monster Truck Rally [^]. Well now everyone can turn their own photos into something similar with the tilt-shift generator [^] at Art&Mobile. All I need to do know is go and dig out some more suitable photos to play with.

MET Liveried AEC Bus

MET Liveried AEC Bus

This is my first attempt, a photo of a MET liveried AEC Bus.  The bus was was running a shuttle service between the Yarra Valley Railway’s [^] Healesville station and the Healesville Memorial Hall during the 2009 Healesville Railway Show.

This Melbourne & Metropolitan Tamways Board AEC Regal III was in service on Melbourne’s inner city routes from the time it was built in the 1953 through until the mid 1980s. The bus still has the posters and advertisements that it would have had when it left service with the MET, which is in itself a practical history lesson.

No Bananas (Left) Today

There are a lot of niche blogs out there.  But I don’t think that I have found a more focused blog than this – London Bananas [^].

london bananas

All it is is photos of banana skins left in public places, so “Yes, We Have No Bananas Today[^].  Sadly there doesn’t appear to be a RSS feed on the site, so I donlt know that I will be checking-back too often.

Photo Credit:  London Bananas [^]

Banksy: Surreal Art

I’ve heard the phrase “Elephant in the room”, that is an obvious truth or point that everyone present avoids.  This piece by Banksy [^] however brings this to life.

 Banksy - elephant in the room

Banksy is a stenciller / graffiti artist with an often surreal or satirical lean, and sometimes confronting images.

Every so often there are email compilations or his work or some mainstream press-coverage.  The website may not have the best navigation, and the load time on some pages can be a little slow, but it is well worth the wait.  For more about Banksy [^] check-out Wikipedia.

On the way, I had a slight detour via Wikipedia’s Elephant Joke [^] page – just the sort of thing that appeals to CannibalRabbit’s twisted sense of humour!



I found this ash leaf floating in one of the water troughs on the farm.  The sepia tone and texture are all natural, I doubt if I could have done much better if I had tried!  (Click image for a larger version).

View Downstream From Princes Bridge

Princes Bridge 1

(Click photo for a larger version)

I thought that it was about time that I started putting up some photos of Melbourne – seeing as I live there.  It’s amazing that it’s so easy to wander around a strange city taking photos, and yet it seems strange to do the same thing at home!  Even though I would be lucky to go into the City once or twice a year. 

So here we have a view looking down the Yarra River towards Crown Casino and the Melbourne’s World Trade Centre.  Southbank is on the left and Flinders Street Station obscured behind the trees on the right.  In the centre is the pedestrian footbridge linking Flinders Street and the Southbank precinct.