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February, 2010:

Giant Rabbit in London

How cool are these giant rabbit sculptures in London which showed up as the Photo of the Day [^] on Londonist. The sculpture is Spitalfield Spirit [^] by Paul Cox, and is supposed to represent the large, close knit communities of the East End. They have just gone on to my “UK Must-Do” list, so let’s hope they hang around.

London Giant Rabbits

A Story That Needs to be Told

This is a story that needs to be told, and retold. As Rui points out this is a story that matters [^]. Even though this is important in it’s own right it is a part of bigger story.

 Miep Gies

Miep Gies [^] was a secretary during World War 2. The thing that makes her so interesting is her boss’s daughter – Anne Frank. Miep was one of the group that helped to hide and support the Franks, another family and a lone dentist; eight people in all. Mrs Gies passed away in January aged 100, the last of the Frank carers.

Without this lady, and her colleagues, we wouldn’t have the Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl [^]. A book that I had been meaning to read had now made it as my next read.