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June, 2010:

Misery Bear

This poor little bear has been sent out on to the streets of London all in the name of comedy. To add to the adventure the soundtrack is Brick by Ben Folds Five [^] – “I’ve never felt so alone … ”. Call be sick for enjoying comedy coming out of misery, but it works!

via: Londonist [^]

Email Addresses

Nick Cernis at Modern Nerd has just written a post about the email addresses [^] that hit his inbox:

“…whenever someone new emails me, I take a few seconds to examine their email address, consider their thought process, and judge them as a human being.”

Hopefully I don’t fall into the “” category. But I do the same thing, I don’t think that I’m quite as bad as Nick though!

modernnerd email

There is one thing that does get to me; that’s when you see a business card or professionally sign-written van with their own website followed by That just screams out we have done half the job really well and completely forgotten the small detail.

If you are using anything other than you name or your business name in your email address you are missing the opportunity to make a good first impression.

A Reason to Read Twitter

It’s easy to view the events of the two World Wars with the benefit of hindsight. For some people, removed from the events by at least half a century, everything seems to lead to an inevitable win by the Allies. A triumphant win by good over evil if you will.

The Experiences of an English Soldier certainly brought the events of ninety years ago back to life for a lot of people. The life of Private Harry Lamin was revealed to us through his intermittent letters home to his family, 90 years to the day after they were written. The gaps kept everyone guessing about his fate; hoping that he would survive the war and make it home safely.

winston churchill union flag

The UK National Archive (@ukwarcabinet [^]) is following in that tradition, posting tweets from the Cabinet Papers day by day 70 years on from the original events. For anyone who wants more there are links in the tweets back to the original papers.

We have just been through the Battle and Evacuation of Dunkirk [^]. Mr Winston Churchill has just made a speech [^]: “We shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender”. Plans are being made for the defence of England against the anticipated Nazi invasion, and the Battle of Britain [^] is just a month in the future.

The immediacy of watching the events as they are revealed in real-time show how delicately balanced the two sides were. So, after almost two years on Twitter [^] I have finally found a use for it – to keep up to date with the events of seventy years ago!

25 Year Friends

It’s not often that you read something truly memorable. This is blog entry is one that’s worth taking the effort to read and remember; Mark Pilgrim’s Me, but you, but me [^]:

In the end, how many 25-year friends can you hope to make in one lifetime? How many do you really need? I would have said “only one,” …

Cherish the friends you have. Today marks the CannibalRabbits being together for 14 years – and aiming to well and truly beat 25 years of friendship.

Oil Spill Comes Home

Gulf Oil Spill - Melbourne

For some people it can be hard to visualise, or understand the spread of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. IfItWasMyHome helps to fix that, it shows current limits of the spill centered on a Google Map [^] anywhere in the world.

Seeing that the spill has spread from Hamilton to Wangaratta certainly came as a shock to me! Moving the spill to Swindon, Wilts, England sees the spill take in the Welsh coast by Milford Haven, the Portsmouth on the English South coast, most of Greater London, and big slice of the Norfolk coast. Anyway that you look at it that’s one big mess to clean-up, and it’s only getting bigger!

via: Londonist [^]