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October, 2009:

Spring Has Sprung

Melbourne’s weather is doing what it does best; changes every five minutes. But there have been a few warm days now and a fair bit of rain, which is a relief given that we are in a 12-year long drought [^].

Strathbogie Lamb

This little lamb was only a few days old in April, and had been left to have a sleep my mum. This presented a wonderful opportunity to creep up and get a few close-ups.  Once used for photographic purposes a family reunion was swiftly organised.

Spring and lambs are two things that go hand in hand, even though here in Victoria lambing mostly happens in April and May (Autumn).

Lino-cut Print Making

I love watching someone who is good at their work. They make fantastic results look easy. I guess the practice helps, and all the preparation that goes into making the end product.

The Guardian has a four minute video that shows Paul Catherall [^] working on a commission for Transport for London (TfL) called Shaping the City. This give you an idea of the skill, time and hard work that go into producing something that looks as good and uncluttered as these two prints.

London from Primrose HillSt Pancras Station

And there are plenty more to check out at the Paul Catherall Site [^] and the London Transport Museum Shop [^]