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April, 2006:

Sand Sculpting Australia: Photo Gallery

A quick search of the internet turned up the Sand Sculpting Australia website – with plenty of photo’s of all stages of production and tips on how to do-it-yourself.
Sand Sculpting Australia: Photo Gallery

Sandstorm Events Website

Sandstorm Events Website

Australia Sandsculpting 2006

On Sunday we headed down to the Australian Sandsculpting 2006 at Rye, on the Mornington Peninsula.
Despite being there in the open air since the middle of February everything was holding-up reasonably well. That is until vandal got in on Satruday night and managed to break bits off of ever sculpture. So if a bit seems to be missing – it probably is!
Melb Sand 2006.jpg
There are more to come, but this one will give you some idea of the size of these massive piles of sand that the Sculptors work with. That’s one spider that I wouldn’t be trying to scoop up into a Peanut Butter jar and throw out the back door.

Sorrento from Rye Pier

On Sunday we headed down the bay to Rye to see the sand-sculptures. On the way back to the car we decided to walk up to the end of the Rye Pier to have a look around, and saw one of the Spirits of Tasmania coming in to Melbourne. While we were out there we saw that we had managed to find a window of sunshine while we walked around; and there was another storm rolling across Port Phillip Bay. This provided some dramatic lighting for Sorrento while leaving Blairgowrie in shadow.

Seascape - Sorrento.JPG

The View from the Hard Gate

This is just next to where I took the photo’s of the Alpacas, looking the other way from the gate.
View from the Hard Gate.JPG
You can make out Mt Wombat on the right in line with the boundary fence, and Galls Gap Rd running through the middle of the photo as a vague straight line. The Walker’s new house is just visible about of a third of the way in on the right hand side.

More Wellington

The Kiwi’s seem absolutely mad for their national emblems. You find Kiwis, Fern leaves, and Tree Ferns everywhere.
Wellington Fern2.JPG
This is again in the Civic Centre in Wellington. In the mid left you can see the Fern Ball suspended – seemingly in thin air.