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July, 2006:

Plastic Monopoly

Sky News: Monopoly Takes A Chance On Plastic

Okay so it looks as if the UK has gone as well.   Practical mathematics will never be the same again.

In Australia The Age has reported that Visa is coming to town as well – still based on the UK version, with some new  street names.   Apparently Down-Under we will still be able to get the paper money version for the foreseeable future.

Put it on Visa – Monopoly goes plastic

Whatever is the world coming to?    Engadget reports that:

 Monopoly ditches cash, goes plastic  Parker Brothers is phasing out the cash-based version’s funmoney and replacing it with an “Electronic Banking” flavor that could leave Mr. Moneybags turning his pockets inside out as his stash is replaced by a magnetic strip.

This is happening now in the US when  will this indignity be  inflicted upon the rest of the world.

This prompts a number questions  which include:

  • When can I get a Matercard / AMEX / Diners version?
  • Can you upgrade to Gold / Platinum card?
  • Are there member discounts when staying at hotels?
  • Is there a loyalty program?
  • How much is the annual membership fee?

Windows Delivered and Tree Down

At last the tree came down last Friday (14/7/06), so hopefully some work will have happened this week.
The only other point of interest was that the windows had been delivered.

we 15-7-06 tree.JPG     we 15-7-06 Windows.jpg


Construction is really steaming ahead now. All of the house frame is up and most of the roof trusses. The only part of the roof missing is the part over the master bedroom and the garage at the front of the house.

we 8-7-06 front.JPG

This is because the garage can’t go up until the tree at the back has come down; and  the garage wall on the right-hand side of the block will be the support for the roof trusses. So waiting for the tree to come down might slow things down a bit.

The photo from the back of the house and the photo from the kitchen door shows how high up we are going to be at the back.
we 8-7-06 meals family.JPG

we 8-7-06 back.JPG

This is the left-hand side of the house – you can see what a tight fit the house is on the block. The other side is going to be even tighter!

we 8-7-06 left.JPG


Seems like the rest of the family want to get in on the blogging act.