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Harbour Removal

Farm Bonfire On a trip to the farm recently we had a full on day of harbour removal.  I know that that sounds like some large-scale sea-scaping, not something that you would readily associate with an inland area like Strathbogie! 

Harbour removal is clearing of rough or overgrown areas in paddocks that can be used as safe havens for undesirable creatures, such as rabbits and foxes.  Some of this involved the removal of rough rocky outcrops, which are useful for erosion control, and the collection of fallen timber.  We collected as much of the wood we could for fire wood, the rest which was heavily burnt or rotten was collected together and burnt.  It nice to see some reward for a hard days work, and there aren’t many better rewards that a nice big bonfire.

Before anyone complains this isn’t a case of wanton destruction of native trees and habitats.  Many areas of the farm that are unsuitable for grazing, being too rough and inaccessible by humans, have been fenced-off and and returned to natural bush or replanted with native trees.  All in all a net gain for Australian flora and fauna.  In the replanted areas there has a been a noticeable increase in the number of birds, and no doubt other wildlife as well.

Weston-super-Mare: Pier Fire

I got home tonight just in time to see some of the footage of the fire at the Grand Pier in Weston-Super-Mare.  The Grand Pier is very much a key piece of the Weston landscape, and a landmark of the sea-front.

Weston Grand Pier

The Grand Pier - Wikipedia Commons - RodW


(Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons – RodW)

Weston was a great part of my childhood, with frequent family day-trip by train to the town though summer.  It must have been a logistical nightmare – usually at least 6 adults and 4 children – up for an early train loaded up with provisions for the entire day. 

The visit to the Grand Pier, and pouring  a hand-full of 1p pieces through the one-armed bandits was always a much anticipated way to cap-off the day.  I’ve heard from two cousins to let me know of the bad news (thank-you, Linda and Nicola), that’s some sort of an indication of what this place means to us all. 

Yes, we had freezing-cold days on the beach there, and showery days, but we were on holiday.  But it was deck-chairs, buckets and spades, sand-castles, ice cream, fish and chips, and the Pier were what Weston was all about. 

Last year, on our honeymoon, Mrs CannibalRabbit and I managed a flying visit just after the Pier had closed-up for the day, and we had fish and chips on the promenade.  Then I had one of my childhood questions answered; what’s it like when everyone has gone home?  Just like it is during the day – only without all of the people.  Now I just wish that I had bothered to walk down the sea-front a little way and got a photo from the other side of the pier, into the sunset.

Grand Pier Sunset

Grand Pier Sunset - CannibalRabbit - May 2007

Farm Sunset

A couple of weeks ago up the farm we had one of those unbelievable sunsets; bright red sky, and just the right number of clouds with lovely red and orange tinges.


Maybe not exactly a sunset, it is still sky related – and it obviously wasn’t to far away from sun-down.
Saturday was a bitterly cold day, the wind just seemed to go straight through you, especially here on top of the hill. To top it all off we had short, sharp rain showers that kept on coming through – now that’s good if you need the rain, but not so good if you have things to do outside. But a sight like this seems to make it worthwhile.
Cloud 2.JPG

It was a big contrast to just the week before when I took that photo’s of the Alpacas, and it was roasting – somewhere over the 30°C mark – still it is autumn.

Farm Sunsets

This sunset photo is taken at the Susans Parent’s Farm. The farm is in Strathbogie in North Eastern Victoria.
It seems that this is only time that I pay any attention to what the sunset looks like.
Throughout summer you get glorious burning sunsets like this and better.

Farm Sunset.JPG Victoria Croydon-Bogie.jpg