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The hobby is dying …

It interesting sitting across multiple hobbies / interests and seeing the parallels and difference. In this case dog showing and railway modelling. Both have their fair share of deep thinkers

Mike at OST Publications, one of the model railroaders who seems to look at things in a different light, just blogged this:

The hobby is dying and no one cares anymore. It’s a crisis and we need to act NOW!
Say this often enough and it will become your reality.
The hobby is thriving and the opportunities are unlimited.
Repeat this enough times and you will begin to see those opportunities and maybe even act on one.
Your reality, your choice.

Mike @

Sorry Mike, you had already boiled that post down to the absolute essence of the matter, there’s no room to just skim a morsel out of it!

Could this possibly apply to dog showing? Of course it can, we hear enough of the crisis mode not too much of the “opportunities” mode. We were helped and encouraged into the community and hope that we can do the same.

Monty Corgi Garden


What does it taste like? It tastes like not giving a shit with a hint of recklessness.

Delicious S03 E02


We Are Not Broken

Sister Monica Joan steals the show again (s7 e8) with this apposite moment:

We are leaping into grief as if we had embraced it as a form of recreation. We are not what we have lost. We are not what has been taken from us. You are all too willing to embrace the void. If you do not cherish what remains you will all become as nothing. You will be nothing. We are not broken. We are each as whole as we will ever be again. And in the end when we cease to be we will all become memories.

As usual Sister Monica Joan, the character with the most clouded vision, cuts through the confusion with the greatest of clarity.

Sister Monica Joan

Hands of God

The Christmas special of the Call the Midwife i always guaranteed to bring out a warm inner glow. As usual it it Sister Monica Joan who steals the show in the 2017 Special while talking to the atheist Valerie:

“Often the hands of God are found at the end of our own arms.”

…Early Riser

Jasper Fforde really pushes out the SciFi / Fantasy / Dystopia genre with this one. An alternative UK where nothing is quite as it seems and extreme winters that mean that humans hibernate.
This new environment means that everyone has to gain weight to survive the winter, and being to thin is seen as very socially undesirable. I should fit right in! I’m not so sure about the comparatively lo-tech alternative though. Early Riser almost has a Terry Pratchett Discworld feel to it and keeps you guessing to the end with lots of questions raised that are wrapped up neatly. This is somewhat disappointing as it leaves no room for a sequel to this stand-alone masterpiece of story-telling, but it is rather refreshing in this age of a trilogy is not enough novel series.Early Riser Cover

There is one quote that I wanted to pull out, that calls itself out as being paraphrased from someone else but I can’t find a source with my meagre Google-Fu:

“If you can’t have change without injustice, then there should be no change”