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February, 2007:

Bizarre Beer: Guinness Marmite and Milk Beer

Cool Hunting has an article on Marmite Guinness  [^]

In time for St. Patrick’s Day, Guinness yeast extract will be used to make a special spread, limited to 300,000 jars. It’s available today 19 February 2007 for around £2.49 from supermarkets in the UK.

While that is strange, it kind of makes sense – Marmite and Vegemite both use the left-over yeast from the brewing process.  

What is really strange is a new Japanese “innovation” in the brewing technology – Milk Beer!   Reuters[^]  have an article about a Japanese liquor-shop owner who is now making beer from milk – called “Bilk”.   Apparently public interest in the 30% Milk brew has resulted in it selling-out.   Since there is milk in there, does that mean that it’s good for you?

Marmite Guinness

Farm Panorama

This is a follow-up post to the Mt Wombat Firetower post[^] of almost two weeks ago. Here we have a panorama of the farm, on the Stathbogie Plateau taken a week ago. Mt Wombat is the tree-clad peak about a third of the way along from the left.    Click on the Image to see the whole thing – be warned it is long – about all that you can see are  dry paddocks.
Farm Panorama

Giant Squirrel shot and killed in Cornwall…

Giant Squirrel

Mr D’ath very kindly sent me this photo the other day of the giant squirrel shot and killed in Cornwall.

After a bit of Googling I managed to find where it came from: Cheezy’s Blog – Scratch & Sniff. Surprisingly there do not seem to be all that many giant squirrels being killed in Cornwall!

If you like this check-out the Little People.

Live Cheddar Cheese

If you thought that watching paint dry or grass grow (or maybe even Cricket) were great spectator sport try watching mould grow:  Cheddar Cheese direct from the Westcountry.   West Country Farmhouse Cheese Makers have set up a webcam that let’s you watch their Cheddar mature.   Now isn’t the web a wonderful thing?

Mt Wombat – New Years Day

Here are some photo’s that I took when we went up Mt Wombat (799m) just outside of Strathbogie on New Years Day.  

At the top there is a firetower that is manned all through summer.   With fires active all around the area, and around three sides of Mt Buller it was not a quiet day.   At this time of year around Strathbogie there is usually still a touch af green to the paddocks but  not this year, brown grass and bare earth are all that can be seen.

Mt Wombat Firetower