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Dr Who

2011 Doctor Who Figurines

As if one set of Dr Who characters were not enough, the BBC has just announced a new set of Dr Who figurines [^]. The new set features Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, and Karen Gillan as Amy Pond.

2011 Dr Who Figurines

Character Options' Dr Who Figurines

A Cyberman is again present, as are the new, bigger, more colourful 1970’s  kitchen appliance style Daleks. A new addition is the creepy weeping angel. Just remember that anything that portrays an angel gains the abilities of an angel, and will eventually become one!

Springfield Who

Dean at Springfield Punx [^], a blog dedicated to turning characters into their Simpsons alter egos, has created a weeks worth of post with a Dr Who [^] theme. There are the Weeping Angels, Ironside Daleks and the new 1980’s kitchen appliance Daleks, and Rory, as well as the Doctor and his companion Amy Pond.

What are you waiting for, go and check it out.

 Matt Smith - Doctor Who Karen Gillan - Amy Pond

Terry Pratchett – Who

It easy having disparate interests; like science fiction and fantasy. We all manage it, and cope with it. But, what could be better than an unanticipated overlap? For me Sir Terry Pratchett talking about Dr Who [^] can only be described as pure bliss.


Sir Terry’s story isn’t one of unquestioning adoration, and that makes it better. He acknowledges the flaws, and they upset him as a storyteller. Terry’s relationship with Dr Who has waxed and waned as his life has changed. But he keeps coming back and like the rest of us he accepts it with the flaws and even with the shaky sets of the old Dr Who.

It seems that everyone who had ever watched Dr Who has had a watching through their fingers, or hiding behind the sofa moment. And the Weeping Angels have managed to send a tingle down my spine.

Now how do we get a Dr Who / Discworld cross-over?

Dr Who Figurines

I have just found out about these stylised Dr Who figurines [^], standing at 2” tall.

doctor who figurines

The pieces come in various sets and include The Doctor, various Daleks and Davros, a Sontaran, a Cyberman, and Other Dave (a Vashta Nerada astronaut).