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July, 2007:

More Wedding Photos

Yes the CannibalRabbit has extracted a digit and got some more wedding photos up in the Gallery [^].  Go check them out.

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Global Warming Greed

 What can I possibly say – you know that I really want to say “only in America!”  But sadly this litigation rash seems to be spreading. 

Among the nightmare scenarios of global warming, there’s one only now coming into view – and it’s definitely manmade: As predictable as the rising seas, we can expect a flood of class-action lawsuits trying to cash in on the issue.  Overlawyered: A Climate of Greed Never Changes [^]

So it seems that some “clever” lawyers have worked out that there is a big pot of gold out there.  The one thing that we can be certain of is that they are looking to get their hands on it – they just haven’t worked out how yet!  I doubt that we will be seeing them putting their hands in their pockets and helping the genuine victims.

Thanks to Overlawyered[^] for pointing out some of the absurd happenings in the legal world.

Date Set For Fforde Festival

Swindon will be celebrating it’s new found, Jasper Fforde inspired fame next year in The Fforde Ffiesta over the Spring Bank Holiday. 

The event has been designed to give fans of Jasper Fforde’s surreal vision of Swindon a chance to get together, although few details of next year’s rendez-vous have been announced.
(from Swindon Advertiser) [^]

Now the big question is: can I think of a reason for myself and Mrs CannibalRabbit to be in Swindon for the 3rd to the 5th May 2008?  And a secondary concern would be, can we afford it?

The official announcement notes that:

“Early reports from the Chronoguard indicate that next year’s Ffiesta was a roaring success”