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Strange Creatures

Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears feature here occasionally. And one thing that we have learnt is that they are not as sweet and innocent as they want us to believe. Now we have evidence, a real teddy bear skull!

Teddy Bear Skull

And you thought that head was full of stuffing – do not be fooled. If you want to go on a picnic then Stephanie Metz’s Teddy Bear Natural History series is something that you need to see!

Fractal Teddy Bear

Meet Mandlebrot the Fractal Bear [^], designed by Mouse Reeve at Buttons for Mouse. I want one.

mandelbrot teddy bear

Fractals [^] are amazing things that appear the similar at any level of magnification, just like Mandlebrot’s hands.

Huntsman – 8-Legged Nightmare?

They are Australian, brown, hairy, and live in trees, but you don’t find tourists queuing up for a cuddle. We uncovered this huntsman [^] under the bark of a dead tree while cleaning up fallen timber on the farm a few weeks ago.

CannibalRabbit goes eye-eye with a huntsman

I can see why some people would be afraid of a spider that can have a leg-span of up to 15cm. The good news is their bite rarely causes anything more than localised pain and swelling.


After receiving my "Death Has Keen Eyesight" T-shirt the other day, I was severely tempted by this latest offering from shirt.woot [^].


One t-shirt combining tech-humour and zombies – what more can anyone ask for?  There is no mention of how many Vista upgraders were used in the production of this work.

Green Polar Bears

The Associated Press has a story about green polar bears in Japan:

Three normally white polar bears at Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in central Japan changed their color in July after swimming in a pond with an overgrowth of algae.  The Associated Press [^].

Japanese Green Polar Bear

Japanese Green Polar Bear

The algae that turns the bears green grows inside of the outer hollow guard hairs, making it extremely hard to treat.  The best treatment is to wait for colder weather and the algae dies, and the bear eventually turns white again.  This is an unusual situation but not completely unheard of, it has happened before in Singapore in 2004 [^], and San Diego in 1979.

Photo Credit: Associated Press