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March, 2006:


While I was at Piha late last year I drove a bit further around the coast
to Karekare, another of the West Coast beaches to the north of Auckland.
Just inland there is a fabulous waterfall. The view from the road is
good, but the short walk down to the foot of the falls is well worth the
Karekare Waterfall2.jpg Karekare Waterfall.jpg
The big shock after Australia is how lush and green the scenery is even in
New Zealand summer. But then when you see, or feel, how much rain they
get it’s hardly surprising.
From Karekare south there is a long (about 15km), wide beach all the way
down to Whatipu, at the entrance to Manukau harbour.

Treasury Casino by Night

The Conrad Treasury Casino Brisbane with the Brisbane City skyline from the
Southbank Parklands at night.
Brisbane Treasury Casino2.jpg
The casino used to be the Queensland State Treasury. So I guess the
building is still collecting money from the people of Queensland; just now
as a private enterprise.


Yes it’s true after spending almost twenty years in Australia I’m getting
Next Wednesday is the big day when I have to swear allegiance to
Happily enough this does not mean having to give up the British passport,
and in Australian eyes I’ll still be a bloody whingeing POM. Still just
goes to show that all good things do not have to come to an end!