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Sixpence Cufflinks

Sometimes my creative urge gets tickled. That was definitely the case when I saw these sixpence cufflinks [^] from Thornhill Jewellery.

 sixpence cufflinks

I don’t object to the price – £30 seems quite reasonable. It’s just that all of a sudden it doesn’t look all that hard. After all you can get 100 cufflink backs for about $50, then you can put whatever you want on the front. But I may get tempted in the meantime.

Melon Brains

A bit late for Halloween, but on Instructables there is a howto for making a brain from a watermelon [^].  As  says the author, scoochmaroo, says "Even vegetarian zombies crave these brains!"

melon brains

The results are quite eye-catchingly gruesome; this almost makes watermelon look exciting.

USB Keys

There seems to be a proliferation of USB keys across the computer world.  They seem more prominent than the floppy disk was a decade ago, everyone carries one around.  There are grey ones and brightly coloured ones, but they come as either little boxes or sticks.

There have been plenty of DIY USB customisations [^] posted on [^] and similar sites.  But for the lazy, sorry time-poor, amongst us the geek world has come to the rescue.  There is now an array of ready-made storage devices available like the USB Skull Key rings [^], the USB Teddy Bear [^], and USB Christmas Drives [^].

Now there is no reason not to let a little bit of “you” shine through, don’t accept geeky grey sticks.

USB_Skull_Ring_003 teddybearusbdrive2_s