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Eureka Carpark Melbourne

Hmm, carparks hardly what you would expect to make a great blog post! 

We are told that art work can sometimes be both eye-catching and functional.  That is definitly the case with Axel Peemoeller work at the Eureka Carpark Melbourne [^].  Axel has designed some amazingly distorted signage that “snaps” into alignment when you are lined-up with the points of entry.

Eureka Carpark - Melbourne

Eureka Carpark - Melbourne

Eureka Carpark 2
Eureka Carpark – Distorted Signage

I could point you off to the emmery website, the company that Axel was working for at the time, but it is a truly hideous flash design that that only a graphic designer, with a 40″ widescreen monitor could love.  There are absolutely no concessions made for us for people or the way that we use the internet.  Axel’s own website has the same photos, but they are much easier to view there.

It’s amazing what you can find out about the city where you live by accident.

View Downstream From Princes Bridge

Princes Bridge 1

(Click photo for a larger version)

I thought that it was about time that I started putting up some photos of Melbourne – seeing as I live there.  It’s amazing that it’s so easy to wander around a strange city taking photos, and yet it seems strange to do the same thing at home!  Even though I would be lucky to go into the City once or twice a year. 

So here we have a view looking down the Yarra River towards Crown Casino and the Melbourne’s World Trade Centre.  Southbank is on the left and Flinders Street Station obscured behind the trees on the right.  In the centre is the pedestrian footbridge linking Flinders Street and the Southbank precinct.

Flinders Street Station

Flinders Str Station

(Click for larger version)

Flinders Street Station is a Melbourne landmark, and the hub of Melbourne’s suburban rail network.  “Under the clocks at Flinders Street” is a common meeting place for Melburnians and strangers alike.  With the main entrance to the station being on two of the city’s busiest streets (Swanston & Flinders Streets) it makes the perfect meeting place.

Flinders Street Station was built between 1905 and 1910.  In 2007 the public face of the station was restored to it’s previous glory.

"I Love The Nightlife, I Like to Boogie . . ."

On Sunday, the CannibalRabbits went to see “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, The Musical”.  I must say that I really didn’t know what to expect.  How do you translate Australia’s biggest road-trip movie into a stage production?  You pack it full of big, well-known songs, like: Don’t Leave Me this Way, I Love the NightlifeI Will Survive, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Go West and I Say A Little Prayer.  This isn’t a slavish adaptation, and this version is all the better for that, there is plenty of new material and new twists in the plot. 

The costume designers for the original movie, Tim Chappel and Lizzy Gardiner, have been involved in this production and bring some the movies “style” with them.  This gives us some really memorable moments like the Gumbys, the dancing cupcakes, and the Minties costumes in the mad, quick-change scene just before the end.  After seeing that you could definitely see the cast saying: “Its moments like these you need Minties!” 

If this were to happen in any other workplace, having a bus rolling about on stage and some of the footwear would have WorkCover Victoria in an absolute pink fit.    Oh, apparently 750,000 ping pong balls had to be ordered in from China for the production.  One thing is certain, we both had a toe-tapping good time and spent most of the two and a half hours laughing.

Priscilla and castMinties

Hot Air Balloons Over Kilsyth

The other morning I had a surprise – a pair of hot air balloons almost directly over our house! 

 Kilsyth Hot Air Balloon 2Kilsyth Hot Air Balloon 3

It definitely had the Chloe the Corgi wondering what was going on.  She came around to get her breakfast bone-shaped biscuit, saw the balloon and headed back up to the garage door, without the biscuit.  I hadn’t realised up until than that there was a balloon, let alone two almost above me, then the burner went.

Of course I just stood there admiring the view for a few minutes.  By the time that I had come to my senses and got the camera the balloons had moved over the back fence and they were well on their way to Mooroolbark.  In the meantime Chloe had darted in through the fly-wire door that I had left ajar, and was not happy at getting put back outside.