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Ghosts of Christmas Past

“The most Christmassy feeling in the world, is when you give somebody a gift you know they will always remember.” Robin – Ghosts 2023 Christmas Special

Ghosts have gone, we knew the end was coming, but how was it going to end?

Well, spolier free, they went out in the best possible way. Completely in the spirit of the show, and perfectly. No questions left hanging, and no regrets. And what a call, to go out with the Christmas Special!

The leading quote from Robin is almost the last dialog from the episode, and yes they have managed to give us a gift that we will never forget. It is almost as good as the last scene of Blackadder Goes Forth from 1989. Everyone that has sees that still gets the chills, and never forgets.


What does it taste like? It tastes like not giving a shit with a hint of recklessness.

Delicious S03 E02