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War Memorial

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Yes they do actually let me out in daylight, even if it does disappear rapidly once I escape.

Auckland War Memorial Museum 2.JPG

I think this is a reasonably good outside view of the Auckland War Memorial Museum; and I’ve managed to get the crane hidden behind the building. 
It’s hard to get a full-frontal shot as the war memorial itself (on the far left-hand side) tends to get in the way.

The Auckland War Memorial Museum

Had a quick visit to the The Auckland War Memorial Museum
Auckland War Memorial Museum.JPG
It sits at the top of the Auckland Domain overlooking the city, an ever present reminder of the past.  What an amazing tribute this is to the past endeavours of a nation.
They are in the process of adding more space, so trying to get a good photo is proving tricky with a dirty great crane sticking out of the top of the building.  I think this one fixed that problem, and I don’t think I’m going to have any shortage of time trying to get other shots either.