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We are Settling In

Yes, slowly but surely we are settling into the new house – it’s a month today since we got the keys.   Boxes are being unpacked and everything is being found homes.   Chloe the Corgi seems to be settling in as well, with lots a neighbours to “talk” to.

At the moment the dining room seems to have managed to be the one room, aside from the already used guest room (THe Walker Suite) that has survived clutter free.   The kitchen tiles look as good as we hoped they would, and they have a nice “food-ey” theme to them.

Dining RoomKitchen Tiles

And finally some outside photos; the outside of the house complete with Susan’s car.   The driveway was the big drama point of the whole move.   The concrete got poured for the cross-over on the Thursday, and we started to move in on Friday (22/12/06); that meant no driving on it.   So all of the boxes that we moved that afternoon had to be carried in from the road, that’s not too bad for a couple of boxes, but for the mountain we moved  it was hard work.   Thank you to everyone that helped on Friday and Saturday.

Front of the House

The driveway got used by the Budget moving truck on Saturday – but it and the truck got  their revenge!   Half-way through the unloading the first load, something slipped in the back of the truck.   Dad was left in the back trying to hold back the bed base, matress, the draws in the chest of draws and more than a few other bits and pieces.   Obviously we hadn’t tied enough down.

And finally the view from across the street, about the only thing visible through the fence is the roof – but look at the view down the Yarra Valley!   On the first morning back to work, while I was having breakfast I could see a hot air balloon drifting along – I didn’t think of getting the camera and I haven’t seen one since.

House and Hills

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