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Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop

Dr. Fredric J. Baur, the designer and patent-holder of the iconic Pringles can, has died. In a long life, full of achievement, his daughter is recorded as saying [^] that her father’s proudest accomplishment was the tube shaped, self-sealing container.

pringles can - original

Dr Baur had one unusual dying wish – to be buried in one of his own potato crisp containers. Dr Baur’s family complied with their father’s wish; he was cremated and around a third of his ashes were laid to rest in the iconic container, and the rest in a more traditional urn.

Also worthy of note is the fact that Dr Baur invented freeze-dried ice cream, just add cream and put it in the freezer.  Now that is something way more interesting than a tennis ball can with chips in it!  Apparently it was an idea ahead of it’s time, and never became a commercial success.

There has been no mention of which flavour Pringles container Dr Baur was interred in.  Perhaps this leaves Pringles fans one great question to debate!

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