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Krispy Kreme has landed

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After  opening 2 year’s ago Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are opening in  Victoria tomorrow (22/6/06).   Now this doesn’t mean a great deal to me, but listening to the way people are reacting at work you would think that it is a life-changing event!   It was not entirely unknown for anyone flying in to Sydney to told to do a pick-up from the Sydney  Airport.   In other words, people are Airfreighting Doughnuts around Australia.

On the radio on the way home, Hamish and Andy on Fox FM offered the person at the front of the queue to the new Fountain Gate store $500 and a packet of supermarket cinnamon doughnuts.   The woman refused – they might be good doughnuts – but what was this woman thinking?  

Apparently Krispy Kreme do normally give the first person through the front door a year supply of doughnuts – doughnuts v. $500.  I know which way I would go, the $500 and a night in my own bed – especially as the temperature is likely to be close to freezing tonight.   Perhaps that is the accountant coming through there.

The wikipedia give you some idea about why everyone is getting excited – all I can see is the potential for a really BIG suger fix.


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