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Twisted Toys: Knitting Psychos

Here at BrizBunny we have been working on bring as many bizarre / twisted toys [^] to the wider world as we can.  We are now able to present a selection of these works from the’s Crap Factory entitled “Knitting Psychos” [^]:

scissor stab


Unfortunately these toys, and other gruesome toys [^] like these,  are not available for sale.  These toys must be more in-tune with what young minds call for, rather than the anodyne and saccharine Elmos and My Little Ponies that are standard fare these days.

Now all I have to do is work out how to get Mum to knock-up a couple of these, especially the rabbit impaled on a carrot – the perfect reply to the Death Has Keen Eyesight t-shirt [^].

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