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The Cult of Done

There is an interesting variation on getting things done in the “The Cult of Done Manifesto[^]. Pretending to know what you are doing, or making it up as you go along, is something that I have subscribed to for a long time.  And there are a few other points that I can identify with.

1.  There are three states of being. Not knowing, action and completion.

4. Pretending you know what you’re doing is almost the same as knowing what you are doing, so just accept that you know what you’re doing even if you don’t and do it.
5. Banish procrastination. If you wait more than a week to get an idea done, abandon it.

8. Laugh at perfection. It’s boring and keeps you from being done.

The Cult of Done Manifesto

The Cult of Done Manifesto

Unlike many other treatises on the subject of getting things done this has a healthy dose of pragmatism. It’s worthwhile clicking through and reading the rest of this wonderful manifesto.

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