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Lake Wendouree – Swimming Not Recommended

It was only a photo similar to the wikipedia one below on Nothing To Do With Arbroath [^] that reminded me about Lake Wendouree.

Lake Wendouree [^] was one of the stand out attractions in Ballarat for Ballarat people. The problem is that despite the name, the lake [^] is dry and has been almost completely bone-dry since October 2006 – two and half years ago. 

To add insult to injured pride the “lake” experienced several fires over summer (Ballarat’s Courier Newspaper [^] and The ABC [^]). All of this got overshadowed by the outbreak of the more serious Victorian Bushfires in February. If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny.

Lake Wendouree - No Swimming

It is sad to hear that the lake has suffered such indignities. I spent a good few afternoons wandering around Lake Wendouree while I was in Ballarat. And there may have been the odd late-night ramble past it on the way home from a night out on the town. Let’s hope that the lake is soon returned to it’s former glory.

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